the Japan Airedale Terrier Association
  • the Japan Airedale Terrier Association ( JATA )

    The history of Japan Airedale Terrier Association is back to Japan Airedale Terrier Society in 1930 which is established as the first breed club in Japan. In January 2001, Japan Airedale Terrier Society merged with National Airedale Terrier Club which was established in 1958 because it has the same purpose of activities, and changed the organizationfs name to Japan Airedale Terrier Association.
    Our association has worked hard to improve quality of Airedale Terriers through the history. We constantly hold championship shows and trainings, and we issue a bulletin called gThe King of Terriers.h
    The establishment of our association is the earliest in breed clubs, and our association is evaluated as an authoritative organization that conducts academic research.
    Furthermore, we invited Mr. E. Sharpe ( Drakehall ), and Mrs. J. Averis & Mr. D. Scawthorn ( Saredon ), Mrs. M. Swash ( Jokyl ), and Mr. G. Lee & Mrs. L. Lee ( Stargus ) as Hon. Members in our association. Our relationship with Airedalers in England is getting strong, and we are going to communicate with Airedalers in other countries as well.

  • Hon.Member

    Mr. Ernest Sharpe (Drakehall)
    Mrs. Judith Averis (Saredon)
    Mr. Davit Scawthorn
    Mrs. Mary Swash (Jokyl)
    Mr. Gus Lee
    Mrs. Lesley Lee (Stargus)